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fireflies where my caution ought to be
Nothing but the rain
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Time for the 'weekly' mix rec, since this I can do tonight. I'm trying super hard to catch up, and got a little derailed tonight by an emergency vet visit (everyone's fine though).

underneath the swinging lights by calamitybreak

Please don't be put off if homestuck isn't your fandom. It isn't mine either, and this is one of my favourite mixes in all the world. It's incredible, the best way I can describe it is bright without being hollow.
Calam' (lookit me giving you a funny nickname) is a fabulous mixtaper, and yeah, one of my best babes, so you should 500% check this out, and maybe have a look round at what else they have to offer!
11th-Sep-2014 01:20 pm - fly-by
Wash/Zoe - Fearsome brow mop
I am painfully, painfully busy today. Tomorrow, I'll talk all about it, but today? Today you get a mix rec because this puppy has been saving my life:

get shit done by radtastiic
"a playlist to get you through your work (and help you feel like a badass)"
Lots of music from epic soundtrack, inc Merlin, Pac Rim, Harry Potter, Star Trek. I'm not the biggest fan of instrumental mixes, but this is perfect.
Dude, check it
Whoosh. I had a really successful few days this last week. Busy days, with archery and swimming and classes and even tidying my room! Wore myself out a little though, and ended up sleeping a tonne these last two days. Oops.

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3rd-Jul-2014 01:03 am - Mix - [in a good way]
Finally made another mix~
in a good way.png
Because you can't be this disgustingly in love without a soundtrack
                                        1. Gold - Owl City
                                        2. Anything For You - Ludo
                                        3. Something Good Can Work - Two Door Cinema Club
                                        4. Bruises - Chairlift
                                        5. Guns & Horses - Ellie Goulding
                                        6. Learning How to Smile - Everclear
                                        7. Kiss Me - New Found Glory
                                        8. Something I Need - OneRepublic
                                        9. Let's Get fucked Up & Die - Motion City Soundtrack

Listen: @8tracks
Download: @Dropbox
7th-Jun-2014 08:12 pm - burnt beneath the rising sun
Ridin' in
Given I put my name down to word wars this weekend, I guess I should make a list of some sort?

-Club fic (starting count: 2685)
-Numbers fic
-Something for CL

Okay so that was easier than expected. Huh.
16th-May-2014 05:31 am - ello, ello
Awwww yeah
(out of interest, I watched that again for the first time in years last week and it's still funny)

I've missed LJ, and the community and writing. So of course, when I find an active fandom to draw me back, LJ goes all wacky. Rude.

Regardless, I have wonderful ideas right now. Modern magic! Protective Arthur! Dozens of little details that makes me all teary! Let's do this!
31st-Oct-2012 05:51 pm - On the subject of colour
Awwww yeah
I have been having rather a lot of fun with colour in the last few days, first off, I grabbed some of my crochet hooks, some polymer clay and made these:

Clicky for prettiesCollapse )
3rd-Oct-2012 08:21 pm - Fanmix: Slow Demolition
John - Grin
The Slow Demolition of John Watson of BBC Sherlock
Slow Demolition - cover

Wowow, this thing has been one heck of a mission, but I've enjoyed it every step of the way, and found some great music, not all of which fitted the mix, but oh-well.

This mix is pretty depressing, as it follows John slow mental descent after the Fall. Now I'm not saying that he would definitely go that way, he's pretty strong, but knowing his history, and how attatched he was to Sherlock, I think it's definitely a possibility.

I'm going to put a WARNING on this because of the reasons above, I do think that it could potentially be triggering, and I would rather over-warn than under-warn, so there we go, tread carefully.

Otherwise, go ahead, enjoy (ish)!

What it is and where it stops, nobody knowsCollapse )
28th-Sep-2012 10:18 pm - Fic: Won't See My Eyes [complete]
Awwww yeah
Title: Won't See My Eyes
By: Arthur/Excellente
Status/Verse: Complete/Nothing Left To Burn
Who: Sebastian Moran/John Watson
Contents: Mature (R), dark(ish) John
Length: 1052
Below or AO3 

Note: Written thanks to a fantastic prompt from the wonderful Lukas

Summary: One is a crackshot, ex-soldier who kills to get what he wants, the other worked for the world’s only consulting criminal. London lost more than genius at St Barts.

He isn’t sure when he decided to trust the man ordered to kill him, let alone bed him, but needs do as needs must, and if he wanted to find Sherlock, then Sebastian was essential.Collapse )
28th-Sep-2012 12:24 am - fic: all the king's horses
John - Grin
I was having emotions so I sat down and vomited on the page. More of a writing exercise than anything else, but I like it.

They used to say that one day they would be standing around a body and Sherlock would be the one who put it there.Collapse )

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